The following swatches depict fabric and color combinations for many of the products that we sell.  Please be aware that the colors in the swatches shown below may vary slightly from the actual color of a product due to shifts in color that occur from device to device, and due to natural variations in our garments, as most are handmade and one-of-a-kind.

Fleury Feathers (Ostrich)

Black Feather

Blush Feather

Grey Feather

Ivory Feather

Mauve Feather

Off White Feather

Burgundy Feather

Fleury Furs (Rabbit)

Black Rabbit Fur

Blush Rabbit Fur

Grey Rabbit Fur

Ivory Rabbit Fur

Natural Brown Rabbit Fur

Off White Rabbit Fur

Fleury Faux Furs

Black Faux Fur

Camel Faux Fur

Cream Faux Fur

Grey Faux Fur

Off White Faux Fur

Taupe Faux Fur

We proudly acknowledge that our furs are sourced from suppliers that abide by the Global Ethical Guidelines of Manufacturing set by the International Fur Federation. This means our suppliers provide us with rightfully procured fur that is either surplus fur or a secondary 'by-product' of food trades under the requirements set by the Federation. Instead of going to waste, these by-product materials go through an ‘up-cycled’ process to craft handmade, luxury garments. 

Please Contact Us if you have other specific questions regarding our furs, or any other materials used to manufacture our garments.