Our Story

For the longest time, a bride and her dress were among the most important parts of a wedding day and a realization of a little girl’s childhood dreams - twirling in a white dress with a veil and a bouquet and imagining the magic that would come ‘someday.’ These days, a wedding is so much more evolved and nuanced than that simplistic and singular vision, it’s everything: the couple, their closest confidants, their cherished ceremony and poetic vows, the celebration of their next level of commitment, and all of the carefully-considered details along the way. And the woman getting married isn’t just a bride in a pretty dress, she’s the bride in one styled look to match the moment, to match her love. 

One Styled Bride was hatched from the idea that, today, there are endless ways to get hitched: there is no longer a formula for a well-remembered fete anymore, and we can lead with whatever is in our hearts, whatever has us running like we are on fire towards our wildest dreams (to quote one of our favorite lyricists). So, our bride, the modern one styled bride embraces the something new while also treasuring the something old - and she’ll find it in our bridal, LWD and Fleury collections. She is smart, strong, savvy, stylish and in constant pursuit of fashion that feels authentic, elevated, and attainable, especially for occasions that call for it the most. On her wedding day, our bride dresses in a head-to-toe look that epitomizes the way she feels inside: euphoric, inspirited, grateful, and fired up for the future.  

Angie McClung, President & Founder

Angie has been hopelessly in love with fashion and the bespoke bridal category for decades. Upon moving to Atlanta following college, she had the pleasure of working alongside designer Melissa Sweet, a contemporary of Priscilla of Boston’s Priscilla Kidder. Having gleaned an enduring appreciation for all things romantic and deeply-feminine throughout her work with Sweet, she moved on to more wedding-tangent textiles under the tutelage of bridal designer Anne Barge and accessories couturier, Jennifer Leigh. Though she stepped out from behind the veil to raise three young children, she always knew that she’d return to the career that felt like a calling from the very beginning.

One Styled Bride is a wish come true for this Southern dreamer and the very answer to the question “Tell me what is it you plan to do with your ONE wild and precious life?”

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